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Ahuriri – Your Premier Holiday Choice

Perhaps it is the magnificent curve of Hawke’s Bay receding into the distance; or the sunshine and the marina; perhaps it is simply nothing more than the fact that Ahuriri is the perfect relaxing getaway for visitors, offering so much to see and do, that makes it so popular. Whether you are out and about exploring Napier or sitting on the balcony of your Napier Accommodation with a long cool drink, enjoying the view across the bay, you are sure to enjoy your time here in this historical setting.


Ahuriri Village

Situated on the outskirts of Napier, on the eastern point of the mouth of the Main Outfall Channel, Ahuriri Village is an eclectic blend of architecture; of private homes and select holiday accommodation; perfect for that stress-releasing getaway. With local amenities within easy walking distance and a long stretch of park lined beach, with playing areas for the children, you can take your time, relax and soak up the calm and unhurried atmosphere. There is plenty of choice if you want to stroll down to a local restaurant for dinner: sushi; Thai; Indian; and a wide array of other restaurants, cafes and takeaways. With bars, galleries, hair salons, antiques and many other shops within a few minutes’ walk of your holiday accommodation, you have just about everything at hand you could possibly need. Although you may already have drawn out travel money at a good rate of exchange before your arrival, having shopped around for the best deal, should you need to top up your holiday funds during your stay in Ahuriri, the nearest banks to Ahuriri Village can be found only a short distance away in Hastings Street, which runs parallel to and behind Marine Drive.

 Complete Makeover

Originally the main port, Port Ahuriri suffered significant damage during the 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake, with the raising of the sea floor rendering the port unusable. Following the re-siting of the main port to the bluff, there was an unprecedented opportunity to redevelop Ahuriri to provide purpose built facilities for visitors and residents in the local area. The old harbour is now designated for use for recreational purposes and commercial fishing boats. The beach along the sea front is a great combination of rock and sand, giving the children plenty to keep them occupied. Behind the beach the area adjoining Hardinge Road has been landscaped with grass and trees, making for a pleasant walk, with plenty of seats to take a pause and enjoy the sea breeze and sunshine.


 Sampling the Nightlife

For anyone wanting to liven up their holiday a little, there is plenty of nightlife to be had locally in Napier. Bars like the Boiler Room and The Thirsty Whale are the “in places”; together with other venues such as: Milk and Honey; Shed 2; Napier Soundshell; Brazen Head Ale House; and Latitude Live; to name but a few of the several dozen. There is a great culture of live music, with some good local bands to be heard.


 World Famous Wines

Hawke’s Bay is one of New Zealand’s oldest and largest wine producing areas, thanks to the great weather in this part of the country, one of the hottest and sunniest microclimates you could wish for. Hawke’s Bay wines can compete with world class reds from anywhere around the globe, producing over 80% of the country’s vintage for Cabernet Merlot and Syrah. While you are enjoying your quality break in Ahuriri, it is worth taking a visit to a wine tasting at theNew Zealand Wine Centre located in Shakespeare Road in Napier.

 Art Deco Capital

Napier is regarded by many as the art deco capital of the world, with visitors coming from around the globe to enjoy this particularly beautiful architectural paradise. Art Deco Napieroffers a range of walks and tours, both guided and unguided, to take in the best examples to be found in the city. The bus tour takes you along Marine Drive, around Napier Hill and down to Ahuriri, the oldest part of Napier. The tour then continues on to the National Tobacco Company building before heading out to Marewa, the art deco suburb of the city. To make your art deco tour even more special, you can choose to take the vintage deco car tour; travelling by an immaculately restored 1930’s vintage car you will be taken on a tour round the Napier Municipal Theatre; the National Tobacco Company building in Ahuriri; the deco houses and gardens in Marewa; rounding off an unforgettable trip at the Edwardian Hawke’s Bay Club in true style. While for anyone wanting to get about under their own steam, simply pick up a copy of the Art Deco Trust’s Self Guided booklet, which outlines a walking tour of about 1.5 km, taking up to two hours to complete.

Should you be visiting in February, you will have the opportunity to attend the biggest art deco event in the calendar. The Art Deco weekend includes over 200 different events, including: aerobatic flying displays; steam train rides; free outdoor concerts; and dinner dance extravaganzas. The event attracts thousands of people, both local and visitors; many choose to dress in deco style and with the hundreds of 1920’s and 1930’s cars in town, you feel as though you have truly stepped back almost a hundred years.