Sustainability and a greener vision is a strong focus for Navigate. Being a newish complex, Navigate has had the capacity to integrate environmentally aware design with a strong focus on waste and energy reduction. We focus on sustainability as part of our decision making and take a socially responsible approach to conducting business for the benefit of future generations.

Policies and Practices

  • Long life bulbs are being replaced with LED lighting to conserve energy
  • Paperless reservation system
  • A smoke free environment
  • Eco-friendly, organic bathroom products in refillable containers to reduce plastic waste. These luxurious products are made with the highest quality ingredients, including manuka honey & essential oils
  • Green cleaning with the use of organic cleaning products and microfibre cloths to reduce harm to the environment
  • We use laundry detergents which are formulated to be productive during cold water cycles
  • Paperless invoicing/receipts

Property and Garden

  • Double glazed windows for insulation and heat efficiency
  • Natural ventilation
  • Bathrooms with showers only to conserve water
  • Eco-friendly bathroom products in refillable containers to reduce plastic waste.
  • Recycled building products used for decking
  • The gardens are planted with natives and drought tolerant plants to reduce water usage
  • Timers on all watering systems


  • Towel recycling
  • Guest amenities are easy on the water system, with recyclable packaging
  • Recycling bins are provided in every room
  • Use of liquid soap to minimise wastage
  • Complimentary newspapers are available from reception
  • Current magazines available from reception
  • Coloured face cloths and towels are provided to combat the use of harsh chemicals to remove stains from white linen